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woman getting a facial at the spaOur customers get facials for many different reasons. Some get them for relaxation and others to achieve that youthful glow you may see on television. Facials will help with many things such as stress and acne as well so many people receive one for that reason as well.

Read on to learn about the many facial services Lux Spa offers to our customers.

What Is A Facial?

A facial is a variety of steps done to help your skin with acne or dryness. It also will help with stress and headaches.

A common facial starts at the price of $80 but that may differ due to where you receive your facial or even the type of facial you get.

There are many types of facials. Depending on your skin type (that will be decided at your visit) we will tell you the best type of facial that would suit your face type and condition that your skin is in.

The Steps To A Perfect Facial

Step 1: consultation

To begin with your facial we will give you a form to fill out providing us with information we may need prior to your facial. Questions may include information about your diet, your skin care routine and the products you use on your skin.

Step 2: preparation

You will be given a wrap to put on. We will leave you in a change room to put on the wrap and once that is completed we will begin with the next step.

Step 3: cleansing

Usually your hair is wrapped in a towel to avoid harm to your hair and to keep products out of your hair that may damage it. Then your face is cleansed with wipes, sponges, and cotton balls.

Step 4: skin analysis

We will then take a look at your skin to see what condition it is in. Depending on your skin type (oily, dryness, amount of pores) we will then decide what treatment and products that will suit your skin type the best.

Step 5: steam

Then using a machine that sends a thin vapor of warm steam onto your face that will loosen your blackhead to pre pare for extractions.

Step 6: exfoliations

Then using a exfoliator (mechanical) we will remove any dead skin or dried product that was left on your face to smoothen out the skin and make it shine.

Step 7: extractions

This step is the removal of the blackheads using a metal loop to push out the dirt stuck under the skin.

Step 8: massage

Facial massage to relax the face muscles and to stimulate the skin.

Step 9: facial mask

Depending on your skin type you will have a mask applied on your face. You will then have to wait for the product to soak into your skin. While you wait you will have someone give you a relaxing scalp massage or a session in our saunas.

Step 10: rinse

This is usually the finale step. After we rinse off your face, we will apply a moisturizer and toner to finish your facial.

Not saying that every facial is like this but this is the most common one and the base of most facials you can get. Facials may differ from the products that are used or the sequence of steps that are performed may be in a different order or made shorter.

If you are tired or get headaches often or just need some time to relax a facial is the way to go. It is very relaxing and you forget about all of your stress while you’re in that small room enjoying a worry free facial that will leave you feeling great, courtesy of Lux Spa.