Lux Spa And Personal Sauna Retreat

Posted on by Carmen Stone

Visit the Lux Spa in Toronto! The Lux is an excellent place to visit and relax while touring Canada’s largest city. There are many Spa’s in Toronto, but none of them offer the unique services that the Lux does.

If you want to rejuvenate then our spa services are perfect for you. You will find calmness, stress free relaxation in our infrared saunas, or soak in the warm embrace of our portable steam saunas! Our saunas are the very best from respected manufacturers like Durherm.

They are for one person at a time, and they book quickly. There is nothing like a hot sauna to help relax and melt away stress (and toxins!).

Other services include mens services (shaving, waxing etc.), wonderful hot stone massages, all the hand and feet services like manicures, pedicures and foot detox. Our foot detox is especially popular with a pedicure!

We provide a very thourough detox of your entire body, from facials to foot detox to our portable saunas.

Don’t delay, pamper yourself today at the Lux Spa!

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