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foot detox and pedicureLux spa offers a large range of services such as pedicures, saunas, facials, and nails, today we will be mainly focusing on one of our most popular services, pedicures and foot detox. So sit back and learn about a relaxing treatment that many people all over the world can enjoy.

What is a pedicure and foot detox?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. A pedicure carries many of the same properties as a manicure (another well known form of beauty treatments) with the only difference is, it’s the hands and finger nails.

Did you know people have been pedicuring their nails for over 4000 years? Many people would create solid gold tools to achieve a pedicure. Also there were early signs of pedicures in ancient Egypt as well as foot detox. They would color their nails red to show highest social class.

In the 2000s there were approximately 50,000 nail salons in the U.S alone.

Tools used for pedicures

Many tools are used to create a perfect pedicure. Some of the important tools used are acetone to remove any residue on the nails. Some cuticle cream may be used for soft and healthy feet. A relaxing foot detox is a must for a perfect pedicure.

Lotion is used to make the feet softer than ever. A Nail file to create a delicate nail shape. Toe nails clippers. Nail polish to give a splash of color. A pumice stone to remove all the dead skin from the sole of the foot. And finally paper towel rolled up to spread the toes apart so it’s easier to apply the polish.

Types of pedicures

There are various forms of pedicures. Here are some of the 5 unique pedicures we offer as well as our other day to day service.

French pedicure: a regular pedicure that involves the use of white polish at the tips and a pink polish at the base of the nail.

Margarita pedicure: a regular pedicure which includes a salt scrub, soaking your feet with water in a foot detox machine containing fresh limes, and a lime based massage oil and moisturizer.

Chocolate pedicure: a Pedicure which may include a chocolate foot soak, chocolate foot massage or chocolate foot moisturizing lotion.

Regular pedicure: a simple treatment that includes foot detox, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polish.

Spa pedicure: includes a regular pedicure and generally adds one of the following: paraffin dip, masks or seaweed treatment. Combine it with a sauna or foot detox for extra relaxation.

In conclusion

If you suffer from chronic foot pain or want to relive some stress a pedicure and foot detox will work perfectly and give you around 60 minutes of worry free time for yourself to kick back and relax and forget about all the problems in everyday life.