Our Portable Sauna Deluxe Package: Transform Yourself

Posted on by Carmen Stone

There are many steps to revitalizing yourself. What we do here at Lux Spa and Sauna is transform you into the best anyone could ever expect. We do our very best to do everything perfect and in as relaxing atmosphere as possible. We only use the best products like the Durherm portable sauna.

Step one: The Plan

We begin by talking to you to figure out what needs to be done to transform you. We do that to try to make your visit the best we possibly can.

Step two: Massage

To begin we usually start with a massage. This will prepare you and comfort you for a while. We will gently massage your back relaxing your muscles making you comfortable and ready for anything. We also use hot rocks to relax you.

Step three: The Hands And Feet

Manicures and pedicures are a must to revitalizing and transforming you. It is an amazing feeling knowing your nails are perfectly manicured. We begin by massaging your hands with a relaxing oil that will regenerate your hands and skin.

Then we will apply a dazzling nail polish which may include jewels and sequins making them pop and look fantastic. You can also have this done with your toes and feet.

Step four: Facial Time

Facials are a key point in transforming yourself. Our facials usually consist of a facial massage which is great for reviving your face muscles.

Face masks which can cure acne and help clean out your pores which will make your skin clean and smooth. And oils or lotion that will hydrate your skin.

Step five: The Portable Sauna

infrared sauna we use at Lux SpaAn infrared sauna treatment is probably one of our best and most used treatments. So many people love and use them all the time.

Saunas are mostly well known for helping in losing weight and that’s right, they are fantastic in helping with water weight, but saunas do much more than that.

Number one we have 3 sauna services that we offer.

We have portable infrared saunas, steam saunas and rentable saunas. That is right I said rentable saunas. You can rent an amazing personal, portable sauna. They have all the benefits of a regular sauna but are lightweight and portable.

Some of the benefits a portable infrared sauna can offer are relief from muscle aches and pains, they also increase blood flow to aid in circulation, and the added bonus of a portable saunas are the fact, you can read and watch TV at the same time.


As you can see we will do anything to help each of our clients. We will go above and beyond to make you happy.

Now that you know what we do to transform you and make you a new person I recommend you give it a try an try out our recommended services. You will feel great and almost like a new person!

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