What Portable Sauna Does Lux Spa Use?

Posted on by Carmen Stone

Here at Lux Spa we use many types of products. When it comes to a portable sauna for our guests, we use our personal favorite. And that is the Durherm Xl Portable Infrared Sauna.

Today I will tell you why we prefer the Durherm XL Portable Infrared Sauna over all other portable saunas on the market.

infrared portable sauna we use at Lux SpaOne of our main reasons we decided to use this portable sauna is the fact that it is very light weight and, obviously, portable. Despite being compact it does not take away the fact that when folded out and separated it is actually large, comfortable and surprisingly roomy. It fits anyone up to 6.5 feet tall.

This portable sauna has many other features other than its awesome, compact size and portability.

When you receive the sauna you will get a fold up canvas chair to sit on while you are inside. It also comes with a heated foot pad to place your feet on while enjoying the sauna.

And that chair?

It’s comfortable.

This sauna also has a small pocket to place the remote control in while the sauna is in use. One of the many fantastic features of this sauna is it also comes with 2 soft terry cloth washable neck collars that zip on and off for easy cleaning.

This infrared sauna also has a very short warming time.

Want our Review Of The Durherm XL Portable Infrared Sauna?

This sauna has so many features that I love.

The reason why I bought this sauna for Lux Spa is the fact that it is super portable. I want to be able to take this sauna anywhere around my spa, and that is very possible because it only weighs 25 pounds.

I also think this portable infrared sauna is very strong and sturdy. It is definitely very high class.

I enjoy all of the Durherm XL Portable Infrared Saunas many features. I especially like how you can pop your head and hands out of it so you can easily watch television or read a magazine.

This sauna is super Eco-friendly because it uses very little power. I love this sauna in so many ways, I use it as often as possible because it works smoothly, it is strongly put together, and it is just as good as a traditional Finnish sauna but with far better features.

I would highly recommend this portable sauna. We love all of its awesome qualities and would definitely buy it again. Because all of our customers enjoy it we are sure you will enjoy it just as much as you would enjoy any traditional sauna you can find at a local spa, pool or gym. Read a review of this model right here and see for yourself.

So maybe go out and try the Durherm XL Portable Infrared Sauna for yourself because this great sauna packs in so many benefits and features I am sure you will love it as much as our guests, and we do.

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